DSC_0888YOU may or may not have heard about the TRUE FASTING & FASTING FOOD. I want to tell you this so I am writing here. Perhaps you will read or you wont’.

I have tried to fast food for x amount of time and days; I have seen miracles and I have experienced that God opens the door when everything seems impossible to me.

Today I have learned a different fasting; a fasting that doesn’t speak of our own self-righteousness or self-serving publicly.  Fasting is to foster greater commitment God and helping those in need.

Many of us has taken fasting as if it is a button for God. In our mindset, we are believing that IF we FAST, GOD will do XXX. Jesus didn’t say IF we fast, but WHEN we fast ( Mt 6:16). So every time I am attempted to fast for certain thing or situation, I needed to check my heart first.

Isaiah 58 talks about true fasting that God accepts. The first time and the second time I read it, I didn’t pay attention to it and I came down to Verse 7, I realised that God is telling us here something.

In this chapter I felt like God is passionate about Justice, Love, Humility, Generosity, Kindness & Compassion ( and ofc the list goes on).

He gave the instruction IF YOU 

  1. Share your food with the hunger
  2. Provide for the poor wanderer with shelter (  homeless people)
  3. When you see the naked, cloth them
  4. Being AVAILABLE to your own family
  5. Get rid of UNFAIR practices
  6. Quit blaming victims
  7. Quit gossiping about other people sins


  1. Your light will shine & glow in darkness
  2. Your wound will be healed
  3. God will guide you
  4. God will answer when you call him
  5. God will satisfy your need
  6. God will Strengthen you
  7. God will RESTORE you

& declaring YOU WILL BE 

  1. You will be like a well-watered garden
  2. You will be called repairers of Broken Wall
  3. You will be called Restorer of Streets with Dwellings


This is not for us to tick a box, put it in our daily to do list; instead I believe we will learn to adapt our new lives in Christ and cultivate the passion of God. When I read this, I tried not to justify myself saying ( well now I will receive all of this because I haven’t failed to do all of those things) keeping our heart gentle, soft and pur is essential. Without it, I think in everything we are going to do;  we will start to believe that  ” I am going to heaven because I have follow every steps”.

God loves everyone, he hates the sin not the sinner. He is waiting for all of us to turn to him, love the people next to us and live in harmony. That makes God smile. He smiles when we are in peace with each other, when we overlook the wrong things of others instead chosing to love the person behind the actions. It is hard I know.

If we failed, don’t give up. Go to bed in peace, pray for Grace; wake up again and try one more time. As long as you are breathing, there is still tomorrow.


Let me know your thoughts
With Love 
Cherry Oo 


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Have you ever been to a situation where you feel the fear of losing something from your life, that could be your job, your position, your title, your belonging or even your own life. Do you ever asked yourself; WHY AM I FEELING SUCH WAYS? Why am I fearing right now?

I personally love studying people’s behaviour, I think this is my favourite hobby after photography. It is fascinating, to watch how their veins moves under their skin, in their blood, through their thoughts and then forming into “a reaction”. LET ME TELL YOU; I once feared of losing friends, losing the boyfriend, losing my phone ( I still have a fear of losing my phone), feared of losing my families and feared of losing my flight ticket.

The level of our fears say so much about what we cared the most. Think of an iceberg, the surface of our fears is slightly light but when we go beneath we will find the real reason of our fears. For me, WHY would I fear of losing my friends and families? Well it is because I value “ Relationships & Harmony”. I fear of losing my flight because I don’t want to lose money and BECAUSE I value the times I put into work to save up the moneys.

Why don’t you ask yourself “ What are my fears?” and then you draw an iceberg. Write all the fears on the surface and  beneath the water, write down all the WHY’s of your fears. Be true to yourself!

I believe that we have different types of fears. For the past ⅔ years I have been studying people’s behaviour and I am learning slowly that we feel the fear when we are seeing other people as a threat because we are too attached to what we have in our hands. That could be our positions, our titles, our reputations and other things could be our belongings and the people in our lives.

Like I told you earlier that I once used to fear of losing friends or the person I was dating. I was way too attached to these people, the thing is God has only put them in my life for short amount of season. When I lose them, I lost myself. The same way, if you are attached to your positions and the titles wherever you are serving; when you lose it you will lose yourself. So where is your motivation and what is it based on. WHY do you do what you do? For whom? Is that for yourself or for the Glory of God? 

The opportunities we have in our lives are given through “grace”. So are our positions and titles. When we are attached to positions/titles with our hearts and not to the giver ( God) we will “fear and worry”. Those fears and worries are birth from insecurities, insecurities is taking the ground in our lives when we are not attached to the giver and the values the giver has given us.

Through those insecurities we act. We act with egos, prides and ignorance. We carry the egos as a crown, prides as our dress grown and ignorance as our prizes. We rejoice our own victory walking around the same mountain over and over again. We are not only making ourselves sick but everyone around us; that could be your friends and your other friends and especially your own family. HOW? GOSSIPING.

You might not think you were gossiping because you were trying to talk about your “fears and insecurities” with the wrong wording. Once you have said it, before you have told to God; you are the virus like a cancer to the souls that are listening to your wrong wordings. When the cancer is getting worse, the person who is affected start losing their hairs and they started to appear weak in their body. The people who have heard your wrong wording ( aka gossips) start to see the way you see. 

The same with our souls, remember that we have a window in our souls and that is our “EYES”. Matthew 6:22-24 says that The eye is the lamp of the body. If our souls is not well, the lamp wouldn’t have the light. If our soul is not well, our eyes will tell. when Jesus talked about this verse, he wanted us to Focus on God rather than filthy things of the earth. He wants us to focus on HIM and not what other have said to us, done to us, or the way other made us feel or the way they offended us. 

Can I take this moment to remind you that FEAR is a seed of a devil [ 2 Tim 1:7 ] who is trying to lead you to the path of insecurities. When you are insecure, you will lose your eyes from God and slowly the enemy will feed you with negative thoughts, angers, hates and so on. In the end, you will end up losing everything you ever had.

Lastly, when you see someone is succeeding or someone seems to be bossy in your job – see that as an opportunity to learn not as a threat. When someone new arrived to your team, get to know with them instead of getting offended with the lights that they are carrying. Offer them a hand, offer them unity and offer them partnership. That’s how we grow, we don’t grow by stepping down to each other, stabbing each other from the back; we grow with dignity, professionally and spiritually when we lift each other up, when we are teachable to one another. 

Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.  Ephesians 4:3

Cherry Oo




Well hello my friends ! They say ” it is not cold, you only need to wear the right cloths”.
So if you are planning to come to Norway in winter time, First check the weather, and bring good winter cloths.  Beside that I am well and alive up here, Loving the life and believing for more of God.

My days may not be vibrant as it used to be while I was in Sydney, here is a bit more calmer and relaxing. The city is 30 min walk from my place, pretty hard to grab cafe early in the morning or see hundreds of people walking at the same time. I miss photographing people faces, streets and the city. – The good new is that I will be in OSLO this weekend for few hours so I will be photographing streets and people.

Anyone like to catch up & Have cafe with me? #lol #myfriendscomebackhomeasap #plz

Cherry Oo


How would you like to pay for your FUTURE?

27336312_10208749475772827_6906657727373368866_nHappy first day of February folks. I hope you are celebrating everyday & Give thanks to God, Not just first day of the year or 25th of December. There are so many things we should be grateful for in life and every ordinary days.  I couldn’t be more satisfied over all the works that I have done in January such as paperwork that I have to fix for long time ago & cheers to myself for writing blog with broken english. If you have to leave, I understand.

Now let’s go to the point:  Well I came up with this topic after watching a short clip on Facebook about “Roger Federer” Journey before the world entitled him as Best player in the world. It was inspiring because I am passionate about Personal growth personally and passionate about seeing younger generations recognising the importance of personal leadership.  

“How would you like to PAY for your FUTURE? “

I am pretty sure you don’t understand the question, basically the question is about How we as individual make decisions to achieve our goals and our dreams. The reason is because the end product, the results & what we achieve at the end of the day is based on our core values.

If your haven’t connected yourself with your core values you have to pay double price for your future. WHY? – Because it takes longer journey for those who have prides, bad attitudes and are intractable, and stubborn etc.  However these are the blind spot that comes out when we are unconsciously living throughout the day. 

Talking about blind spot; I have one blind spot that discovered by someone at work. Trust me there are always two sides in every story and I am not playing the victim here. Both part has it own weaknesses and I am not ashamed of telling you this because it is real issue. Today I am thankful that the person called the bad attitudes out of me  and told me go home think about my attitudes.

Proverbs 11: 2 When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.

I prayed on my way to home; not to change any situation but my own heart. I prayed “Really God? Do I really have BAD ATTITUDE?”.  When we pray, God change our perspectives and our heart before he change the other parts.

Having the positive attitude will take us further from where we are right now. The positive attitude could means different to us. No matter what you have achieved in life, or how good you are doing at something, how good-looking you are or how rich you are – if you don’t have a good attitude towards yourself and others you will stuck when you are at least needs to have something in life. There will be a critical point where you will have to deal with your attitude before you get to the goal. Some of us met the bad attitudes early and some of us late.

I believe that we all have different gifts, purpose and callings in life. I hope you read this and ask yourself this question to find out your blind spots as well as your bad attitudes. I really hope that you get to your goals as a champion as “Roger Federer”.

Philippians 2:3-4 Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.


With Love
Cherry Oo


Is my FAITH big as the SMALLEST seed?


” means trust, confidence, assurance, and belief”

Don’t you think it is weird that we wake up every morning, go to bed early or late without overthinking if we will ever wake up again on earth on the next day? If you could give me an answer I would love to hear. 

Look, I think sometimes we does that often with our faith. We say we have faith but really? Is it moving mountains? Have you walked on the water? Well this is the question I’ve been asking to myself, what about you?

Few days ago I went for work interview and I have applied the job for temporarily only. I don’t really know how the future looks like for me but I know that I won’t be accepting myself to work at that place for more than a year. I must move FORWARD and ABOVE. The manager looked at my CV and said I don’t belong there but he would give me the job.

I came home talking to God quietly in my mind. I asked him thousands of questions and gave him a little bit of attitudes. I breathed heavily and sat on my bed looking at the sunlight outside of my window, then I asked myself ” Is my faith big as the smallest seed?” 

MATTHEW 17:20 He replied, “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”

Right now it feels like I am standing in front of a giant mountain or a wide ocean. I have no other equipments to cross over or start climbing but all I have is faith. I hold on so fast to Isaiah 43:2 “When you go through deep waters, I will be with you.” Perhaps my faith could be even smaller than the mustard seed but I will still chose to have faith in him.

I will walk with belief that Proverbs 31:25 ” I am clothed in strength, and dignity, and I  laughs without fear of the future.”  I know his voice;  Isaiah 41:10 “Don’t be afraid, for I am with you. Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.” 

When you are feeling like your faith is even smaller than the mustard seed; I encourage you to keep going forward with your faith in God. Our God is alive and he is MIGHTY. He is able to move you & me forward. It is true that FAITH without WORK is not enough, and you have been trying to do everything and when everything seems to be at the edge; PRAY, also continue digging, ask for more questions, and repeat. I hope God will reach out to us, I hope he will open doors that no man can shut and direct us the right path.


Thats what I am gonna do & Thanks God in advance
With Love



How do we “RISE” above challenges?

4f0c3a2e-f42b-4994-bb36-6d43dc4acbe1.jpgI remember questioning the meanings of “challenge” in my life at the age of 16. I didn’t understand the meaning of the word and I didn’t see the challenges I was having right there in my hands at that time.

The truth is I wouldn’t dare myself telling you that my life is more challenging than yours but it does. We all have different challenges, some of those could be “the consequences” after the choices we foolishly taken when we were younger. Some of them come with the life as a package. What do we do with that challenges is our responsibilities.

We can never minimise the time, the opportunities & the lessons we have learned. Each has it owns depth & benefits that we can use it wisely or foolishly. I believe that wisdom come with the age and sometime I wish I could be a little wiser and see things a little bigger. Someday I will sit with my tears in front of my desk asking why am I going through this  and why is life so hard for me.

As a believer I want to trust in the lord and see if he hear my prayers too. See my cries and tears and the desires of my heart. Winning & overcoming life obstacles or challenges could be done without God. Because I am not that strong I need God to carry me through, I need God to walk with me through darkest valley. I need his help so badly.

Last night I had a dream that I was in a huge disaster,  I thought about it this morning and trying to ignore it. Although I know that something bad news is coming and it does came right through my chest and breaks my heart. I really don’t know how to keep it going from here, my brain is empty and my heart is in pieces. I didn’t know I will be here for 12 months ago.

How do I RISE above the challenges today? I hope to give you the wisdom someday in the future, but for now I will keep Praying, having faith in the power of God, do what I can do right now and Praise God in advance.

With Love
Cherry Oo



So, I haven’t been blogging because I’ve stopped trying. If you have read my old posts you will understand why I am telling you that. I have always have this passion about writing. I guess, after one of my teacher in high school told me that I would never be able to write a novel, I mean he was right because how am I suppose to know how to write in a language that I wasn’t born from? RIGHT? but I should keep writing and keep trying.


Life is going in slow motion right now since after I have arrived home to Hamar. For the last 3 years I was so busy with my college timetables, volunteering & Work. I didn’t complain about the life in Sydney because I love being busy and I love doing stuff all the time. The first 3 week of this 2018 since December 2017 is like the longest holiday ever. I am not enjoy it but I understand everything in life takes times. So I have been doing with my photography page on instagram laich09 , Portofolio  & Facebook page  If you are supportive person, please go ahead and check the photos. If you like some of them and want to purchase them in prints, Let me know.

Beside that; I have applied jobs, tried to have conversations with many people for connections, I have prayed to get a job because I hate watching movies. If I continue this way for like the next 3 months I will probably become lazy. So I NEED PRAYERS.

If I have to complain about anything right now, it will probably be “coffees”. The lattes & cappuccinos are in huge cups with no taste of coffee. I need people in Norway, Hamar or Oslo that wants to take me to a GOOD cafe. While I was in Sydney I used to bubbling about bad coffees at wrong cafe shops to my flatmates & NOW I have learn to appreciate more of quality than quantities. Now I am agreeing with my flatmates Josefine and all the coffee lovers in Sydney and why they praised coffee in Sydney. SO please dear Australian good looking man who loves JESUS; take me back to Sydney.

When it comes to the weather, I am not complaining. I love snows BUT we will talk about in the next 6 months because I just got a cold 2 days ago. I am writing this blog while I am sick because I am done lying down on my bed. I will probably end up watching tons of movies, editing photos, eating & reading.

If you are out there in Sydney, man you better be appreciate the life down there because it is good and you will understand after you left it. & I love to come back home to my family.

Home is where the heart is & Much Love
Cherry Oo